Book Of Gold Slot Review & Free Demo

JILI Book of Gold slot is a 3×5-reel, 10 paylines with 97% RTP and medium game volatility slot game by JILI, read our review and play JILI Book Of Gold slot demo game to discover how to win at Phdream Casino.

Prepare to seek divine guidance from Egyptian gods, as the maximum bonus multiplier of 1500X adds an extra layer of excitement to every spin. 

With a richly detailed theme, strategic gameplay, and an array of features including Wilds, Scatters, and free spin bonuses, Book of Gold promises an immersive experience that goes beyond the ordinary, making each moment on the reels a thrilling step toward untold riches.

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Free Demo: Book Of Gold Slot

Details & RTP of Book Of Gold Slot

Software Jili
Slot Type Video Slots
Paylines 10
Reels 5
Min Coins Size 0.1
Max Coins Size 100
RTP 97%

How to Play Book Of Gold Slot

To play Book of Gold Slot, you should understand the game mechanics, placing your bet and paylines and spinning the reels. Learn how to play Book of Gold Slot with the help of our guide below.

Understanding the Game Mechanics

Embark on an adventure through ancient Egypt with the Book of Gold slot machine, brought to you by JILI Gaming. To maximize your gaming experience, it’s crucial to grasp the fundamental game mechanics.

Placing Your Bet and Paylines


Explore the intricacies of the paytable to understand the potential winnings associated with different symbols and combinations. Knowing the value of each symbol enhances your strategic gameplay.

System Settings

Navigate through the system settings to tailor the game to your preferences. Adjust audio, graphics, and other settings for an immersive gaming experience.

Bet Adjustment

Master the art of bet adjustment to optimize your wager according to your risk appetite. Understanding how bets correlate with potential winnings is key to strategic play.


Effortlessly enjoy the game with the autoplay feature. Learn how to set it up to let the reels spin automatically, allowing you to sit back and witness the unfolding adventure.

Set Paylines

Unlock the full potential of the game by strategically setting paylines. Understand the impact of different payline configurations on your overall gameplay and potential rewards.

Spinning the Reels

Engage with the heart of the game—spinning the reels. Learn the nuances of triggering winning combinations and unraveling the mysteries hidden within the Book of Gold slot machine.

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Games Features of Book of Gold Slot

There are several important game features in Book of Gold Slot, included Wilds, Scatter free games and so on. Get ready to dive in and take a look at each of them mentioned below!

Wild Symbol

phdream-book-of-gold-slot-wild1-phdream123 phdream-book-of-gold-slot-wild2-phdream123

Unleash the power of the Wild symbol in the Book of Gold slot machine, a versatile icon that can replace any in-game symbol except the Scatter Treasure Hunt symbol. 

When the Wild graces the reels, it expands to cover the entire roulette, creating opportunities for significant wins and enhancing the overall excitement of your gameplay.

Scatter Free Game

phdream-book-of-gold-slot-scatter-phdream123 phdream-book-of-gold-slot-free-game1-phdream123 phdream-book-of-gold-slot-free-game2-phdream123

Discover the thrill of the Scatter symbol, appearing exclusively on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th reels. In normal games, landing 3 Scatter Treasure Hunt symbols awards you with 10 free rounds. 

However, the excitement doesn’t end there. During free games, earn an extra 10 rounds for every set of 3 Scatters, allowing you to accumulate up to an impressive total of 40 free rounds. The Scatter symbol is your key to extended gameplay and enhanced winning potential.

Other Features


Beyond the Wild and Scatter symbols, the Book of Gold slot machine offers additional features to elevate your gaming experience. Explore the intricacies of the game, from special expansion symbols that can skip the bingo line and hit the jackpot, expanding to cover the entire roulette, to the option of enabling Extra Bets. 

With Extra Bets activated, you have the opportunity to select an extra Special Expansion Symbol in the free game, totaling two. Additionally, whenever a Wild symbol graces the reels, you’re guaranteed to receive two Special Expansion Symbols, enhancing your chances of hitting substantial wins.

Slot Theme

Immerse yourself in the captivating theme of the Book of Gold slot machine. JILI Gaming takes players on a journey through ancient Egypt, inviting them to explore the greatest tombs, seek divine guidance from Egyptian gods, and uncover treasures through special symbols. 

The 5×3 reel layout sets the stage for an adventure with a maximum bonus multiplier of 1500X. The rich theme, coupled with enticing features, creates a gaming experience that goes beyond the ordinary, ensuring that every spin is filled with excitement and the potential for lucrative rewards.

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Tips to Win Big at Book of Gold Slot

You can win at Book of Gold Slot by following our simple 8 strategies below, included master the game mechanics, utilize the power of wilds, unlock free rounds with scatters, strategic selection of special expansion symbols and so on.

  1. Master the Game Mechanics:

    • Refer to the previous section on “Understanding the Game Mechanics” to ensure a solid foundation for your gameplay.
    • Understanding paylines, bet adjustments, and system settings will empower you to make informed decisions during your gaming sessions.
  2. Utilize the Power of Wilds:

    • As highlighted in the “Game Features of Book of Gold” section, the Wild symbol is a game-changer.
    • When the Wild appears, it not only replaces other symbols but expands to cover the entire roulette, increasing your chances of landing winning combinations.
  3. Unlock Free Rounds with Scatters:

    • Leverage the Scatter symbol’s potential for free rounds, as explained in the “Scatter Free Game” section.
    • Accumulate extra free rounds during the bonus game by landing sets of 3 Scatters, maximizing your time on the reels.
  4. Strategic Selection of Special Expansion Symbols:

    • Before initiating a free game, carefully choose the Special Expansion Symbol, excluding the WILD and Scatter Treasure Symbol.
    • This strategic selection can lead to hitting the jackpot and expanding symbols, enhancing your overall winning potential.
  5. Activate Extra Bets for Additional Opportunities:

    • Explore the “Book of Gold Slot Machine Extra Bets” feature mentioned in the previous section.
    • Enabling Extra Bets provides the opportunity to choose an extra Special Expansion Symbol in the free game, doubling your chances of significant wins.
  6. Capitalize on Wild Symbol Combinations:

    • With Extra Bets enabled, every Wild symbol ensures you receive two Special Expansion Symbols.
    • This feature significantly amplifies the excitement and potential rewards, providing you with multiple opportunities to hit substantial wins.
  7. Immerse Yourself in the Slot Theme:

    • Appreciate the captivating theme of Book of Gold, as detailed in the “Slot Theme” section.
    • Immerse yourself in the ancient Egyptian setting, enhancing your gaming experience and making each spin more engaging.
  8. Strategic Bet Management:

    • Apply the knowledge gained from “Placing Your Bet and Paylines” in the “How to Play Book of Gold” section.
    • Manage your bets strategically based on your risk tolerance and understanding of potential payouts.

By combining a deep understanding of the game mechanics, strategic use of features, and an appreciation for the slot’s theme, you can maximize your chances of winning in Book of Gold. Remember, each spin is an opportunity to unravel the mysteries of ancient Egypt and claim the greatest treasures hidden within the reels.

Recommended Online Casino for Book of Gold Slot

Top Casino to play Book of Gold Slot is Phdream Casino. Phdream Casino’s reputation for fair play and secure transactions instills confidence, providing a trustworthy environment for gaming enthusiasts. 

With a diverse range of banking options and responsive customer support, players can focus on the excitement of Book of Gold without any concerns. 

The casino’s commitment to delivering a premium gaming experience, combined with the allure of the Book of Gold slot, makes Phdream Casino the ultimate destination for those seeking both quality entertainment and the thrill of unlocking ancient treasures.


In conclusion, Book of Gold stands as a testament to the fusion of captivating gameplay and ancient Egyptian allure. With its intricately designed features, including the powerful Wild and Scatter symbols, the game provides players with an enthralling adventure. 

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, the strategic depth embedded in adjusting bets, exploring extra features, and selecting special expansion symbols adds layers of excitement. 

As the reels unfold the mysteries of the tomb, Book of Gold not only delivers a thrilling gaming experience but also offers the potential for substantial rewards. Immerse yourself in this archaeological escapade, where each spin holds the promise of unlocking ancient treasures.

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The RTP (Return to Player) of Book of Gold Slot is 97%.

Book of Gold Slot features 5 reels.

There are 10 paylines in Book of Gold Slot.

Book of Gold Slot is developed by JILI.

The maximum bonus multiplier in Book of Gold Slot is 1500X.

You can play the Book of Gold Slot demo by visiting the official website or platform offering the demo version.

Book of Gold Slot includes features such as Wilds, Scatters, free spin bonuses, and more.

To win free rounds in Book of Gold Slot, land 3 Scatter Treasure Hunt symbols during normal games, awarding you with 10 free rounds. Extra rounds can be earned during free games by landing additional sets of 3 Scatters.

Phdream Casino is recommended for playing Book of Gold Slot due to its reputation for fair play, secure transactions, diverse banking options, and responsive customer support.

The Wild symbol in Book of Gold Slot can replace any in-game symbol except the Scatter Treasure Hunt symbol. When the Wild appears, it expands to cover the entire roulette, creating opportunities for significant wins and enhancing overall excitement.

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