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Golden Queen Slot Review & Free Demo

JILI Golden Queen slot is a 5×4-reel, 40 megaways with 96.5% RTP and medium game volatility slot game by JILI, read our review and play JILI Golden Queen slot demo game to discover how to win at Phdream Casino.

Golden Queen introduces unique game features, including the enchanting Scarab Wilds and the strategic dynamics of multiple Wilds. 

As the reels spin, players navigate a world where every symbol carries the potential for fortune, and the promise of Free Games beckons.

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Free Demo: Golden Queen Slot

Golden Queen Slot Game Free Play Demo

Details & RTP of Golden Queen Slot

Software Jili
Slot Type Video Slots
Paylines 40
Reels 5
Min Coins Size 0.5
Max Coins Size 1000
RTP 96.5%

How to Play Golden Queen Slot

To play Golden Queen Slot, you should understand the game mechanics, placing your bet and paylines and spinning the reels. Learn how to play Golden Queen Slot with the help of our guide below.

1. Understanding the Game Mechanics

When diving into the world of the Golden Queen Slot Machine, it’s crucial to grasp the underlying game mechanics. Developed by Jili Games, this online slot game unfolds on 5 reels with 40 paylines. 

The vibrant Egyptian theme, depicted in cartoonish visuals, sets the stage for an immersive gaming experience. Blue reels, adorned with colorful symbols like playing cards, a cobra, a pharaoh’s mask, Anubis, and the captivating Egyptian queen, create a visually stunning environment. The game’s backdrop features two sphinxes and a desert panorama, enhancing the overall thematic appeal.

2. Placing Your Bet and Paylines


The Golden Queen Slot Machine boasts a comprehensive paytable that outlines the value of each symbol. Understanding the paytable is essential for strategic gameplay, allowing players to make informed decisions.

System Settings

Adjusting system settings adds a layer of customization to the gaming experience. Players can tailor the game’s parameters to suit their preferences, ensuring an optimal and personalized adventure.

Bet Adjustment

The ability to adjust bets provides flexibility, catering to players with varying risk preferences. This feature allows for strategic betting based on individual comfort levels.


For those who prefer a hands-free approach, the autoplay feature comes in handy. Activate autoplay to let the reels spin automatically, providing a convenient and effortless gaming experience.

Set Paylines

The number of paylines can significantly impact gameplay. Setting paylines allows players to control the complexity of each spin, influencing the frequency and potential outcomes of winning combinations.

3. Spinning the Reels

Engage in the heart of the action by spinning the reels. With 40 paylines in play, the Golden Queen Slot Machine offers ample opportunities for winning combinations. 

The presence of three wild icons—golden wild, scarab wild, and pyramid wild—adds an exciting dynamic to the gameplay. These wilds substitute for missing basic symbols, enhancing the chances of creating winning combinations.

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Games Features of Golden Queen Slot

There are several important game features in Golden Queen Slot, included Scarab, Wilds, Scatter free games and so on. Get ready to dive in and take a look at each of them mentioned below!



The arrival of Scarabs in the Golden Queen Slot Machine brings forth Wild Cards and a touch of fortune. When the normal Scarab symbol appears, it undergoes a transformation into a Scarab Wild. This mystical creature plays a pivotal role in shaping the game dynamics.

  • Scarab Wilds make their appearance exclusively in the 3rd round of the main game, adding an element of anticipation and strategy to the gameplay.

  • For each Scarab Wild that graces the reels, 1 to 4 scarabs will gracefully take flight, randomly turning icons into WILD cards. This unpredictable element injects excitement into every spin.

  • As the scarab flies towards the WILD card, a transformation occurs, turning the card into a WILD card endowed with a multiplying factor. This factor adds a dynamic twist to the standard Wild feature.

  • When Scarabs converge on existing WILD cards with multiplying factors, these factors accumulate, creating the potential for substantial wins. The multiplying factors on the same winning line further amplify the excitement by multiplying with each other.

Dynamic WILD


The Golden Queen Slot Machine boasts four distinct kinds of Wilds, each wielding the same impactful effect.

Normal Wild


The standard Normal Wild functions as a multiplying factor for the WILD card, enhancing the potential for lucrative combinations.

Wilds from Scarabs


Wilds originating from Scarabs introduce an additional layer of complexity and excitement to the game. These Wilds maintain their multiplying factor, contributing to the overall dynamics of the slot.

Multiplying Factor of WILD Card with Scarab


The synergy between the WILD card and Scarab introduces a multiplying factor, adding an extra dimension to the potential winnings. This intricate interplay of features elevates the Golden Queen Slot Machine beyond a typical gaming experience.

Scatter Symbol


As players venture deeper into the Golden Queen Slot Machine experience, the spotlight falls on the Scatter symbol and its pivotal role in unlocking the thrill of Free Games.

Scatter symbols make their entrance exclusively on the first reel, positioned from the leftmost side. This strategic placement heightens the anticipation, as players keenly watch for the appearance of this symbol to initiate the cascade of Free Games.

Slot Theme

The enchanting Egyptian theme of Golden Queen Slot Machine isn’t merely cosmetic; it is intricately woven into the game’s features. The thematic symbols, including the cobra, pharaoh’s mask, Anubis, and the captivating Egyptian queen, come to life as integral components of the game’s mechanics. This thematic integration enhances the overall immersion, making every spin a journey into the mystical world of ancient Egypt.

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Tips to Win Big at Golden Queen Slot

You can win at Golden Queen Slot by following our simple 8 strategies below, included Master the Game Mechanics, Embrace the Power of Scarabs, Leverage Multiple Wilds for Multipliers, Thematic Symbol Awareness and so on.

  1. Master the Game Mechanics

Understand the fundamental mechanics of Golden Queen as outlined in Section 1. This includes comprehending paylines, bet adjustments, and the role of symbols on the reels.

  1. Embrace the Power of Scarabs

As detailed in Section 2, Scarab Wilds bring a unique dynamic to the game. Embrace their power to unlock Wild Cards, multiplying factors, and accumulate fortunes. Remember, the third round of the main game is the key moment for Scarab appearances.

  1. Leverage Multiple Wilds for Multipliers

The existence of multiple Wilds in Golden Queen introduces the potential for significant multipliers. Familiarize yourself with the dynamics of Normal Wilds, Wilds from Scarabs, and the multiplying factor of WILD cards with Scarabs.

  1. Thematic Symbol Awareness

The thematic symbols, including the cobra, pharaoh’s mask, Anubis, and the Egyptian queen, are not merely aesthetic. Acknowledge their significance in the game’s mechanics, as discussed in the integration of the Slot Theme.

  1. Strategize with Paytable Knowledge

Refer to the Golden Queen paytable frequently. Understanding the value of each symbol is crucial for strategic decision-making during gameplay, helping you optimize bets for maximum returns.

  1. Scatter Symbol Awareness

Building upon the insights from Scatter Free Games, be attentive to the appearance of Scatter symbols on the first reel. This awareness is key to unlocking Free Games and enhancing your winning opportunities.

  1. Mastering Free Games Dynamics

Once in Free Games mode, capitalize on the extended gameplay. Leverage the additional rounds to increase your chances of securing winning combinations and bonus rounds, adding a layer of excitement to your Golden Queen experience.

  1. Anticipate Bonus Icon Moments

As mentioned in the Scatter Free Games section, the Bonus icon appears strategically at the 1st, 3rd, and 5th rounds. Anticipate these moments to trigger Free Games and elevate your overall winning potential.

Recommended Online Casino for Golden Queen Slot

Top Casino to play Golden Queen Slot is Phdream Casino. With its reputation as a premier online gaming platform, Phdream Casino offers an unparalleled experience for slot enthusiasts. 

Boasting a user-friendly interface, seamless navigation, and a diverse selection of slot games, including the captivating Golden Queen, Phdream Casino provides a virtual haven for both novice and seasoned players. 

The platform’s commitment to fair play, secure transactions, and a responsive customer support team ensures a worry-free gaming environment. Join the ranks of thrill-seekers who have discovered the excitement of Golden Queen at Phdream Casino, where every spin brings the potential for untold treasures.


In conclusion, Golden Queen stands as a testament to the fusion of artistry and gaming innovation. With its Egyptian-themed allure, strategic gameplay mechanics, and the anticipation of Scarab Wilds and Scatter Free Games, players are transported to a realm where entertainment meets opportunity. 

Whether unraveling the mysteries of ancient symbols or leveraging the dynamics of Wilds, Golden Queen captivates with every spin. As the reels unfold at Phdream Casino, the promise of hidden treasures and thrilling victories awaits. Embrace the enchantment, strategy, and excitement—Golden Queen invites you to experience the magic of online slot gaming at its finest.

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Popular Phdream Casino Bonus


The Golden Queen Slot features 40 paylines and is developed by Jili Games.

Golden Queen operates on 5 reels with 40 paylines, showcasing an Egyptian theme with vibrant visuals. The game includes symbols like playing cards, a cobra, a pharaoh’s mask, Anubis, and an Egyptian queen.

Players can customize their experience by adjusting system settings, changing bet sizes, utilizing the autoplay feature for hands-free play, and setting the number of paylines.

Scarab Wilds transform normal Scarab symbols, introducing Wild Cards and fortune. They exclusively appear in the 3rd round of the main game, adding anticipation and strategy to gameplay.

Golden Queen features four types of Wilds: Normal Wild, Wilds from Scarabs, Multiplying Factor of WILD Card with Scarab, and Dynamic WILD. Each type contributes to enhancing winning combinations in different ways.

Scatter symbols appear exclusively on the first reel and initiate Free Games. Their strategic placement adds anticipation to the gameplay.

Tips include mastering game mechanics, embracing Scarab power, leveraging multiple Wilds for multipliers, being aware of thematic symbols, strategizing with paytable knowledge, and anticipating Bonus Icon moments.

Phdream Casino is recommended for playing Golden Queen Slot due to its reputation as a premier online gaming platform. It offers a user-friendly interface, diverse slot games, secure transactions, and responsive customer support.

Thematic symbols like the cobra, pharaoh’s mask, Anubis, and the Egyptian queen are not just aesthetic; they play integral roles in the game’s mechanics, enhancing overall immersion in the Egyptian theme.

Golden Queen is praised for its fusion of artistry and gaming innovation, offering strategic gameplay and excitement with Scarab Wilds and Scatter Free Games. Phdream Casino promises an unparalleled experience with fair play, secure transactions, and a diverse selection of slot games, including Golden Queen.

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